nfl picks weeek 2
nfl picks weeek 2

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nfl picks weeek 2

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nfl picks weeek 2

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When it comes to football betting never been your home team you will always leave you down destruction. When it comes to football betting the number one thing is who's injured who is pretending to be injured who's injured but pretending to be fine. The other thing I would look at is entered division games. If the game is between two teams one very good and one not so good team that is very good is more likely to play their second and third string players so there is a chance that the worst team has a chance to win or at least cover the spread. The other thing is Coast games. Is one team traveling to the West Coast from the East Coast. Even if the East Coast team is much better than the West Coast team the East Coast team is more likely to lose and not cover the spread.